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James is an Australian artist who began his career in London. After working in offices for a while he decided he wanted to pursue his dream job of working from home making video game art. This dream became a reality and he soon set his sights higher. He wanted to become a master artist while travelling the world absorbing all that new cultures and locations can offer an artist. He set about fervently continuing to develop his work through the formal study of human anatomy and the foundations of Fine Art, both through sculpture, drawing and painting. He dabbled in the fine art world and exhibited both in Amsterdam, Brisbane, Oxford and London. He also packed his bags and set off, travelling and living in various cities and countries for many years, all the while honing his art skills and growing and maturing as an artist and a person. He learned multiple languages, lived in villages and houses with local families, went on many meditation retreats, taking up an ongoing practice in his daily life, writing a graphic novel about this and much of his experiences, and working on many different projects from comics to animation to concept art, illustration and portraiture. After travel was ended by COVID-19 James once again set his sights higher, as an entrepreneur. After more than a decade of working with clients he realised he was quite good at it. Talking to clients, building relationships and facilitating their needs. He saw an opportunity to unite his own art skills and the art of many other talented artists into a powerful new art studio that could grow and help fill the world with amazing new creations.

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