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Passionate artists bringing expertise, guidance, and phenomenal artwork.

Orb is a Brisbane based art studio comprised of a range of internationally distributed artists. We are passionate about making art and our purpose is to breathe life into characters and ideas with our expertly honed creative skills. We specialise in visual storytelling through stunning artwork and digital paintings, concept art, world creation, eye-poppingly gorgeous promotional art, and much more.


The studio is founded on years of experience turning the concepts and ideas of our clients into beautiful artworks. Our philosophy is that good, clear communication is imperative in this process. Here at Orb we give emphasized attention to hearing our your needs, asking the right questions, bringing our expertise to the table, and fostering a constructive and creative client-artist interaction with you. With our insight and experience we can discern what your project needs to make it stand out, advise and implement a process, and produce astounding visual results. Fluidity in this process, we believe, is the secret ingredient to creating indelible games, brands and products that are synonymous with breathtaking, next-level art.

We can do anything that requires exceptional artwork, You've come to the right place if you need:

Concept art   |   Environment art   |    Character design   |   Illustration  |   Promotional artwork   |   Engagement packages   |   High-end splash and cover art   |   Video game art   |   Comics and Graphic novels   |   Advice and consultancy based around visual development   |   Graphic Design   |   Bespoke art projects and custom illustrations or commissioned artwork.

We look forward to working with you to make something groundbreaking!

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+61 475 360 601

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