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Importance of Art in Graphic Novels and Comics

The importance of art in graphic novels and comics is invaluable.

Art in comics and graphic novels is the visual narrative to the story. While a good script is essential for a good graphic novel or a comic, the art graphic is the backbone. Good art can fill in the gaps missed by the words for the reader to understand what is happening in the story. It can impel the reader to imagine beyond the confinements of the pages.

Writing or Art?

Both writing and art go together. Both are inextricably intertwined, or at least they should be, each aspect supporting the other to create a greater whole. Take the art out, you only got the prose. Take the writing away, you have a collage of pictures. Comics or graphic novels that are entirely artist-driven or writer-driven are not the best. Both need to marry to make a successful combination.

The following reasons make it clear as to why art in graphic novels and comics is invaluable:

1. First impression of the character

The first impression of the character or the comic itself is from covert art. Either you are browsing in the comic store or have already got one, the covert art creates the first impression in your mind. A good cover art appeals to the reader in such a way that they are latched onto it right away. While the author can list down a few physical characteristics of the characters, the art gives a believable picture in a more complete form.

Character art for comics
Character art by Orb Art Studio

2. Environment art creates the bigger picture

Whether it’s a sci-fi novel or non-fiction, the environment art paints a picture in the mind so the reader serves as the base of the story. While the writer can describe the appearance of the environment, the actual art leaves the magical impact which the writer aims to convey. This especially includes the change of locations along with the story.

Environment Art by Orb Art Studio
Environment Art by Orb Art Studio

3. Share the author's imagination

Art plays an important role in getting out the feelings of the author. Unlike, novels, comic & graphic novels have minimal words and thus everything cannot be described in detail. Thus, the artwork reflects the author’s imaginations to the readers.

4. A complete package

As previously mentioned, a comic or graphic novel is incomplete without both: art and script. Thus, unarguably art is an important part of a graphic novel or comic.

5. Art suits some audiences

While writing may be important for all audiences, the importance of art is dependent on the type of the target audience. If it’s a children’s comic, the artwork is way more important than the writing itself. This may not be a case in adult’s comics. However, whatever the case maybe only awesome art can back a great script.

6. Cover art is affects sales

When a person is not looking for a particular comic to buy, the decision is largely dependent on the cover art. An impressive cover art has reportedly increased in-store sales. The last thing a publishing company want is not being able to sell an awesome comic because of its cover.

Comic & graphic novel Cover art
Cover art by Orb Art Studio

We have established that art is an crucial part of a comic or graphic novel. While you may be just starting out your comic or are in the last stages, it never hurts to have expert’s opinion about your artwork. This is where, we come into play.

Let us help you make awesome Comic and Graphic novels!

Within the comics and graphic novel industry, we can provide a wide range of services including:

· Pencils, Inks & Colours

· Covers

· Full Comic Art Packages

· Character & World Designs

· Comic Startup & Pitch Packages

· Crowdfunding & Financial Investment Solutions

· Writing and story

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