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“You imagine it, we create it”

With an international team of professional artists, illustrators, animators, designers, Orb Art Studio is a one-stop art outsourcing company offering a wide range of services. 

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game concept art outsourcing



Game art is at the heart of what we do. We have been providing game outsourcing services for more than a decade. Whether you are a small studio or multinational entertainment company, we aim to give your business the edge through our art. 

comic art



We have wealth of experience in providing full-service comic outsourcing services including inking, colouring, painting, covers, comic art packages as well as startup pitching, crowdfunding to support your comic publication. 

enviornment art outsourcing



We deliver photorealistic & high-detailed environment assets and props. Whether only a part of the full-fledged artwork or an individual piece, we deliver visually appealing artwork that never fails to impress. 

bespoke art outsourcing



With extensive experience in the creation of awesome artwork, we offer bespoke art outsourcing services ranging from portraits, wall paintings, comic & so much more. We promise to convert your ideas into awesome visuals! 

illustration and promotional art outsourcing



We deliver art that stands out and catches the desired attention. Specializing in creating illustrations for a wide range of purposes including promotional art, and advertising. We have got you covered for all your artwork needs. 

art outsourcing



With more than 50 years of collective art experience, our expert team of artists is here to empower you to make art-related decisions. This means advising on your current visuals, brainstorming new designs, or simply helping you get started. 

PFP NFT art outsourcing



We are experienced in creating high-quality PFP assets for any IP and have the edge on competitors in this young industry with 2D art that blows the competition away, and multiple projects already under our belt.

NFT game art outsourcing

NFT Game Art


As a premier source of digital content, Orb Art Studio is fully equipped to produce high-quality NFT assets for your in-game characters and more.

Our Experience

Our team has more than 50 years of collective experience in the industry. Thus, we can deliver outstanding quality artwork for all types, styles and sizes of projects. Check out our extensive art portfolio. 

Orb Art Studio offers a wide range of artwork development services including but not limited to: NFT artwork, Game store page, Logo design and UI/ UX, Concept art, Environment art, Character designs, Illustrations, Promotional artwork, Engagement packages, High-end splash & cover art, Comics & Graphic novels, Advice & consultancy based around visual development, Bespoke art projects & custom illustrations or commissioned artwork, Digital paintings and many more. 

Connecting Dots

AI Art Integration

At Orb Art Studio, we recognize the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in the digital art creation process. Our team is uniquely positioned to leverage AI in the art creation process because we have a deep understanding of the capabilities and limitations of AI and its potential applications in the creative process.

Maintaining Integrity, Originality & Creativity

At Orb Art Studio, we believe that AI can be a valuable asset to our artistic process, helping us create even more innovative and stunning artwork while preserving our artists' creativity and originality.

Our AI Integration Capabilities

AI helps streamline certain aspects of the art creation process and thus increases productivity, freeing up our artists' time to focus on the more creative and artistic aspects of the work.

Responsible & Ethical Use of AI

We understand that the use of AI in art creation is a sensitive issue and that it must be used responsibly and ethically. Therefore, we work with our clients to determine if and how AI can be incorporated into their project.


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