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Do you:

Need a very special piece of art to give as a gift or hang on your wall?

Want a portrait of a loved one, a pet, or a memorial to someone you have lost?

Want a short comic describing you and your loved one's story?

Want an epic depiction of you and your friends as characters in your favourite fantasy game.

Have a unique project that you are unsure how to approach or proceed with?


Have a seed of an idea you've not quite figured out yet and you just want to bounce ideas off of experts?

Here are just some of our commissioned works:

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bespoke art outsourcing

This is where we step in. There are more than thousands of possible combinations of artwork/ colours/ shapes or sizes that are available for you to buy online. But you still can't find exactly what you need?


Whatever your need, talk to us. We will make it happen.

Bespoke Art Re-imagined

Orb Art Studio specializes in creating commission artwork with our experienced network of artists. 

"If you can imagine it, we can create it."

We are capable of creating anything and everything that you may require. Be it portraits of your loved ones, a custom-sized painting for a unique wall in your house, depicting your love story through a series of images or comics, caricatures with your friends, or even re-imagining your personal story in the form of your favorite fantasy show/ movie. 

Just talk to us about what you need, or even if you just want to bounce off some ideas. We are here to bring your ideas to life.

bespoke art outsourcing
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  1. Tell us your ideas and requirements. Ask us to solve your problems. We will advise a game plan, together we brainstorm and agree upon a visual direction.

  2. Our artists start drawing, supplying you with sketches and early stage visuals for feedback. We will keep up a dialogue with you during the process. Good communication is our priority and essential for understanding and accomplishing the project's needs.

  3. Through a process of feedback and workshopping ideas we take the artwork to a pre-final stage.

  4. Once everyone is happy we polish and finalise the work, delivering you top-notch artwork that makes your project outshine the competition. 



We have experience in providing excellent artwork that matches the needs and expectations of our clients. Within that, we provide bespoke art in a reasonable price range. 


All our processes are prompt from sending proposals to delivering the actual artwork. Our team of international artists is here for all the needs of the clients.


Our network of experienced artists is capable of providing all kinds of artwork that you require. Be it a portrait of your loved one, bespoke wall art, an illustration with your friends in a fantasy land, bespoke mural artwork or even a comic describing your love story, we are here to provide you with the best art solutions.  


With international artists having 30-50 years of experience in art production, we deliver the best quality artwork that certainly stands out and exceeds expectations. 



Jim Gripp / Legal Arts Inc.

James O'Reilly (Founder of Orb Art Studio) exceeded my expectations when he successfully completed one of the most unusual and high-stakes assignments I've handled in 40+ years of art direction: illustrating a "graphic novel" for an audience of one: the president of the United States. The project was a clemency petition for a complete pardon of a former American soldier. My challenge was to tell his story in the most compelling way for an executive who infamously refused to read more than a few paragraphs (regardless of how important the communication) and to appeal to the man's ego by making the president the hero at the end.


James chose the best style for a documentary-type story and tailored the illustrations for technical accuracy. While the petition was ultimately unsuccessful given the political climate of the day, Orb Art Studio's work was well received by legal counsel and everyone involved in the endeavor. I heartily recommend James and Orb Art Studio.

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