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Offering Illustration & Promotional Artwork

Illustration & Promotional Artwork

Orb Art Studio specializes in Illustration & Promotional Artwork Outsourcing, offering top-quality custom illustration services and captivating promotional artwork solutions. As a leading outsourcing agency, we bring your marketing vision to life with our professional team of illustrators and designers. Our services encompass a wide range of creative solutions, including outsourced promotional materials, branding artwork, and marketing graphic design. With our expertise in conceptual illustration and visual storytelling, we create customized and impactful artwork tailored to enhance your brand's presence. Partner with Orb Art Studio to elevate your marketing efforts and unlock the power of captivating illustration and promotional artwork that engages your audience.

Art brings more beauty into this world. A striking piece of illustration or a unique promotional artwork tells a story and brings blank pages to life.

We are living in a world where easy and fast communication of ideas is imperative. In other words, graphic illustrations hold a lot of importance in order to communicate your ideas and thoughts to your target audience in a way that they resonate with it. Be it any industry or sector, like authors, book publishers, advertising agencies, digital media groups and such, everyone needs good quality visuals to depict their stories.  

With a rise in the need of high-quality illustrations and promotional artwork, we at Orb Art Studio are here to deliver you exactly that and be your long-term partners.

Our global exposure and expertise in creating excellent illustrations and promo artwork for our global clients, we can assure you the very best quality of artwork. 

Illustration outsourcing services

Our illustration and promotional artwork services include:  

  • Logo Illustration

  • Image Illustration

  • Promotional Artwork 

  • Advertisement Artwork

  • Promotional videos

  • Cover Art

  • and more

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Illustration outsourcing services process

Our Process

  1. Tell us your ideas and requirements. Ask us to solve your problems. We will advise a game plan, together we brainstorm and agree upon a visual direction.

  2. Our artists start drawing, supplying you with sketches and early stage visuals for feedback. We will keep up a dialogue with you during the process. Good communication is our priority and essential for understanding and accomplishing the project's needs.

  3. Through a process of feedback and workshopping ideas we take the artwork to a pre-final stage.

  4. Once everyone is happy we polish and finalise the work, delivering you top-notch artwork that makes your project outshine the competition.

Why Choose Us?


We have the capabilities to deliver highly artistic, out-of-box, creative illustrations and promotional artwork which are superior to the work done by normal ad agencies or studios or graphic designers. Our approach is professional, and we deliver projects as promised. 


We want to be partners with our clients and not just work on a one-time basis. We want to provide a delightful experience to our customers so that they come back to us every time they want to outsource artwork. 


We have clients spread across the globe with artists from across the globe to provide an experience close to their local taste but deliver unmatched artwork that is not available in their own country. 


With international artists having 30-50 years of experience in art production, we deliver the best quality illustrations and promotional artwork that certainly stands out and exceeds expectations. 

Client Testimonials

"Orb Art Studio is bar none! I had the studio recreate a photo of my friends on their honeymoon as a wedding gift for them. The work was incredible. James made me feel a part of the process the whole time with sending me progress update photos. The work was done professionally and in a timely manner. James is extremely easy to work with and understood the assignment from the start of the project. He was even able to give my buddy a good month or two in gym edit :) haha! 10/10 would recommend again."
Will Horrocks
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