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NFT game art

NFT Game Art


As a premier source of digital content, Orb Art Studio is fully equipped to produce high-quality NFT game art assets for your in-game characters and more.

Orb Art Studio is experienced and fully capable of bringing your out-of-the-box NFT ideas to life. Whether it's a fantasy game character, adventure elements in your game, or anything else that you can imagine, we work on creating those and bringing them to the marketplace. Our NFT art solutions are guaranteed to complement your vision and deliver art that holds true to your IP and your brand values. Whether you have a game in full development or just in the ideation stage, we can make your NFT characters shine and get them ready to sell.

Our end-to-end support at all stages of your project will guarantee a perfect delivery. Our game art development experts can help you with the following.

Whatever your idea, we can make it happen! 

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Our NFT Game Art Services

Character NFT game art


Generative NFT Art
Collection of Anime Characters

Arsenal NFT game art


In-game Assets
Other Elements

Animal NFT game art


Your Favourite Animals as NFTs

comic NFT game art


Comic Book Characters
Other Elements

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NFT game art process

Our Process

  1. Tell us your ideas and requirements. Ask us to solve your problems. We will advise a game plan, together we brainstorm and agree upon a visual direction.

  2. Our artists start drawing, supplying you with sketches and early stage visuals for feedback. We will keep up a dialogue with you during the process. Good communication is our priority and essential for understanding and accomplishing the project's needs.

  3. Through a process of feedback and workshopping ideas we take the artwork to a pre-final stage.

  4. Once everyone is happy we polish and finalise the work, delivering you top-notch artwork that makes your project outshine the competition.

Why Choose Us?

Why choose ORB for NFT GAME ART?


We have the capabilities to deliver highly artistic, out-of-box, creative game art which is superior to the work by normal game outsourcing studios or graphic designers. Our approach is professional, and we deliver projects as promised.


Orb Art studio provides full protection and support throughout the project. We see clients as partners and support the passion they have for their work. This helps us deliver the best NFT game art for your games.


Our artists have the expertise and capability to provide the valuable insights and recommendations required to make a project successful.


With international artists having 30-50 years of experience in art production, we deliver the best quality NFT game artwork that certainly stands out and exceeds expectations.

Client Testimonials

"Orb Art Studio is bar none! I had the studio recreate a photo of my friends on their honeymoon as a wedding gift for them. The work was incredible. James made me feel a part of the process the whole time with sending me progress update photos. The work was done professionally and in a timely manner. James is extremely easy to work with and understood the assignment from the start of the project. He was even able to give my buddy a good month or two in gym edit :) haha! 10/10 would recommend again."
Will Horrocks
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