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About Orb Art Studio

If you can imagine it, we can create it

Our Story


Orb Art Studio, based in Australia, is a premier digital art outsourcing hub where creativity meets professionalism. Founded by Brisbane artist James O'Reilly, our studio is home to a diverse team of internationally distributed professional artists dedicated to producing awe-inspiring artwork. We combine our creative expertise and extensive experience to produce standout visual results that make each client’s project unique and successful.

What Makes Us Different?



Expertise in Visual Storytelling

We specialise in bringing characters and ideas to life with our expertly honed skills in digital paintings, concept art, and world creation.


AAA Standard Digital Art

Our commitment to quality is showcased in our AAA standard game art, illustrations, and promotional art that push the boundaries of visual excellence.


Client Centric Approach

At Orb, we prioritise understanding client needs, fostering effective communication, and tailoring our services to each project’s unique requirements.


Long Term Partnerships

We believe in building lasting relationships with our clients, becoming their long-term external art partners, and contributing to their success with every piece of artwork we deliver.

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Get in Touch

Reach out to discuss how we can bring your unique project to life beyond the boundaries of imagination.

Thanks for submitting! One of our art speacialists will get back to you soon.

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