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Environment, Character, Portrait and Game AI Art

AI Art Service

At Orb Art Studio, we harness the transformative power of artificial intelligence to redefine the boundaries of digital artistry. Our AI Art Services blend state-of-the-art AI technology with the deep-rooted expertise of seasoned artists to create unique, high-quality art pieces that not only fulfill the vision of our clients but also inspire new possibilities in creative expression. Whether you're looking to innovate within game development, advertising, or any digital media, our AI-driven solutions offer a powerful tool for both creating and enhancing your artistic projects.

What We Offer?

Our experienced artists and AI tools collaborate closely to ensure that each piece of art is not just produced but meticulously crafted with a touch of human creativity and finesse.




Utilising advanced AI algorithms, we generate concept art that brings speed, efficiency, and a high level of creativity to the early stages of your project.




Our AI tools enhance the process of creating detailed and innovative character designs, enabling rapid iterations and diverse aesthetic explorations.

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AI technology allows for the quick production of varied and complex environment artworks, drastically reducing production times and encouraging broader creative experimentation.




Revolutionise how you promote your games and projects with AI-generated illustrations. Our AI Art Advertising service creates captivating visuals that grab attention and convey your message effectively, ensuring your promotions stand out in a crowded market.

Our Collection

Tips for Understanding AI Technology




Idea Generation: AI rapidly generates ideas for shapes, colors, lighting, and shadows.


Scene Backgrounds: Supplies multiple background options for scenes.


Character Conceptualisation: Creates basic character portraits and detailed costume concepts.



Final Artwork: AI art should not be used as final work; human refinement is crucial.


Character Animation: AI cannot effectively pose or 'animate' existing characters.


Specificity Constraints: AI struggles with very specific requests, like characters in certain outfits performing specific actions.

Guiding Your AI Art Journey

Software & Model Selection

Expert Prompt Engineering

Skill Enhancement Workshops

Analyzing Cost Efficiency

Navigating Legal Considerations

Competitive Strategy Formulation

5 Star Rating


"The level of professionalism that I’ve received from the Orb Team has been and continues to be amazing! The communication was tops and I’m absolutely delighted with the artwork I’ve received thus far. If you want a team who deliver excellent work, on budget and on time then I highly recommend Orb Art Studio. Speak to James… he’s my hero!"

Sue Ruffle

"James O'Reilly from Orb Art Studio has been my go-to artist for many years, the artwork he created for my game, Immortal Souls: Dark Crusade takes front and center, with over 4 million plays his art design and animations gets the most amount of player praise. I refer him often and always look forward to the next project with Orb Art Studio!"

Robert Alvarez

"James from Orb Art Studio is an all-round artistic superstar… from environments to characters, he can do it all and do it VERY well. James can literally draw anything while paying great attention to every ounce of detail. The human or non-human form has never looked better than through the lens of this amazing and seriously talented creator. A true professional who delivers time and time again. "

James Murray

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Choose Excellence with
Orb Art Studio

At Orb Art Studio, our team excels in integrating AI Art technology to deliver exceptional, innovative designs that set us apart from typical outsourcing studios. We are more than just a service provider; we are passionate partners, fully committed to the success of your project. Our artists bring decades of international experience and offer invaluable insights and superior artwork that goes beyond meeting expectations—it surpasses them. Trust in our professional approach and unwavering commitment to deliver as promised, positioning us as your ideal choice for advanced and custom AI art production.

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