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Comic illustration art outsourcing

Comic & Illustrative Art

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Orb Art Studio specializes in Comic and Illustrative Art Outsourcing, where we bring your creative visions to life through exceptional artistic talent and professional services. As a leading outsourcing agency, we excel in providing top-notch comic art, illustrative art, and graphic novel art services. Our skilled team of artists is dedicated to delivering captivating comic illustrations, character designs, and sequential art that engage readers and leave a lasting impression. Whether you need cartoon illustrations, fantasy or sci-fi artwork, or children's book illustrations, Orb Art Studio is your reliable partner in exceeding your expectations.

Our studio specializes in providing high-quality art outsourcing services to clients who want to bring their comic book projects to the next level. Whether you are a seasoned writer looking for an artist to bring your characters to life or a publisher in search of top-notch illustrations for your upcoming titles, Orb Art Studio has the expertise and talent to help you achieve your goals. With a team of skilled artists who are passionate about comic book art, we strive to deliver artwork that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. So, let's embark on a journey of visual storytelling and create something extraordinary together!

comic and illustrative art outsourcing agency's process

Our Process

  1. Tell us your ideas and requirements. Ask us to solve your problems. We will advise a game plan, together we brainstorm and agree upon a visual direction.

  2. Our artists start drawing, supplying you with sketches and early stage visuals for feedback. We will keep up a dialogue with you during the process. Good communication is our priority and essential for understanding and accomplishing the project's needs.

  3. Through a process of feedback and workshopping ideas we take the artwork to a pre-final stage.

  4. Once everyone is happy we polish and finalise the work, delivering you top-notch artwork that makes your project outshine the competition.

Why Choose Us?


We have years of experience in providing excellent comic artwork that matches the needs and expectations of our clients. One of our key business areas is serving the outsourcing needs of clients and we excel at it. All our work is finalized only after the approval and satisfaction of our clients. 


All our processes are prompt from sending proposals to delivering the actual comic artwork. Our team of international artists is here for all the needs of the clients.


We have experienced artists with experience and a portfolio that displays the work we are capable to do. These artists are easy to work with and smart enough to understand the requirements of your comic artwork without going in-depth. 


We turn your vision into reality with beautiful comic artwork retaining its originality.

Client Testimonials

"Orb Art Studio is bar none! I had the studio recreate a photo of my friends on their honeymoon as a wedding gift for them. The work was incredible. James made me feel a part of the process the whole time with sending me progress update photos. The work was done professionally and in a timely manner. James is extremely easy to work with and understood the assignment from the start of the project. He was even able to give my buddy a good month or two in gym edit :) haha! 10/10 would recommend again."
Will Horrocks
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