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Personalised NFT & PFP Artwork

NFT Art Outsourcing Studio

We specialise in creating high-quality NFT game art and personalised PFP NFT assets, designed to elevate your digital presence. From fantasy characters to unique in-game elements and engaging PFP avatars, our studio delivers art that enhances your brand's identity and stands out in the marketplace. With our end-to-end project support and a team of experienced artists, we bring your most innovative ideas to life, ensuring perfection in every piece we create. 

Our NFT Art Services

Explore our diverse NFT art services, including game-specific character and environment designs, and unique PFP NFTs for enhancing your digital identity. Each piece is crafted with exceptional creativity and precision to meet your specific branding and aesthetic needs.




Our Character NFTs service combines generative art techniques with a diverse collection of anime characters, creating unique, algorithmically crafted digital assets. Each NFT is designed to stand out with its own distinctive style and personality, perfect for collectors and enthusiasts looking to own a piece of exclusive anime-inspired art.




We will help you generate excitement and draw attention to your NFT collections, using visually striking promotional materials that highlight the uniqueness and value of your digital assets. Partner with us to effectively market your NFTs and maximise their visibility and appeal in the competitive digital marketplace.

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Our Comic-Based NFTs bring iconic comic book characters and elements to life in the digital realm. Each NFT features meticulously designed artwork that captures the essence and excitement of classic and modern comics, offering fans and collectors a unique way to own a piece of their favorite comic universe.




Orb Art Studio specialises in high-quality PFP NFTs that elevate your digital identity. Our advanced 2D art skills surpass industry standards, transforming innovative ideas into exceptional assets aligned with your brand. From collectible avatars to custom PFP designs, we provide comprehensive support for a standout digital presence.

Our Latest NFT Art Projects

5 Star Rating


"The level of professionalism that I’ve received from the Orb Team has been and continues to be amazing! The communication was tops and I’m absolutely delighted with the artwork I’ve received thus far. If you want a team who deliver excellent work, on budget and on time then I highly recommend Orb Art Studio. Speak to James… he’s my hero!"

Sue Ruffle

"James O'Reilly from Orb Art Studio has been my go-to artist for many years, the artwork he created for my game, Immortal Souls: Dark Crusade takes front and center, with over 4 million plays his art design and animations gets the most amount of player praise. I refer him often and always look forward to the next project with Orb Art Studio!"

Robert Alvarez

"James from Orb Art Studio is an all-round artistic superstar… from environments to characters, he can do it all and do it VERY well. James can literally draw anything while paying great attention to every ounce of detail. The human or non-human form has never looked better than through the lens of this amazing and seriously talented creator. A true professional who delivers time and time again. "

James Murray

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Choose Excellence with
Orb Art Studio

Our team delivers exceptional, out-of-the-box NFT Art designs that surpass typical outsourcing studios. We are not just a service provider but a passionate partner, fully invested in your project's success. Our artists, with decades of international experience, provide invaluable insights and top-tier artwork, ensuring each project not only meets but exceeds expectations. Trust in our professional approach and our commitment to deliver as promised, making us the ideal choice for superior game art production.

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