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Bespoke animation and promotional advertising

Animation and Advertising

At Orb Art Studio, we expertly bring your visions to life through our tailored Animation and Advertising services. Our skilled team excels in crafting animations that range from highly realistic to beautifully stylised, ensuring they grab and retain viewer attention. Working closely from concept through to completion, we ensure that each animation not only conveys your story effectively but also strikes a chord with your target audience. Perfect for film, advertising, or any digital platform, our animations are renowned for their innovative design, exceptional quality, and powerful impact. Explore our portfolio to discover how our animations have elevated client ideas into visual masterpieces.

Our Animation & Advertising Services

Discover our specialised Comic and Promotional Art services, including comprehensive Comic Art Packages, Character Design, and impactful Promotional Artwork like Advertisement Art and Promotional Videos, all designed to enhance your project's narrative and visual appeal.




Our 3D Animation services bring your stories and concepts to life with stunning depth and realism. Utilising state-of-the-art technology and creative artistry, we create dynamic 3D characters, environments, and effects that are ideal for movies, games, and virtual reality experiences. These animations are designed to engage audiences with their intricate details and lifelike motions.




Specialising in Motion Graphics, we combine visual design with animation to create engaging and informative videos. Perfect for advertisements, corporate presentations, or social media content, our motion graphics are crafted to convey your message in a clear, visually appealing manner that captures and holds the viewer’s attention.

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Our Character Animation services focus on bringing animated characters to life with personality and emotion. Whether for animated films, television commercials, or digital content, we ensure each character’s movements and expressions are meticulously animated to connect emotionally with audiences and enhance storytelling.




We develop comprehensive Advertising Campaigns that integrate animation with traditional media and digital marketing strategies. Our campaigns are designed to maximise impact and reach, combining creative visuals, captivating animations, and targeted messaging to effectively promote your brand, product, or service across various platforms.

Our Latest Animation Project

5 Star Rating


"The level of professionalism that I’ve received from the Orb Team has been and continues to be amazing! The communication was tops and I’m absolutely delighted with the artwork I’ve received thus far. If you want a team who deliver excellent work, on budget and on time then I highly recommend Orb Art Studio. Speak to James… he’s my hero!"

Sue Ruffle

"James O'Reilly from Orb Art Studio has been my go-to artist for many years, the artwork he created for my game, Immortal Souls: Dark Crusade takes front and center, with over 4 million plays his art design and animations gets the most amount of player praise. I refer him often and always look forward to the next project with Orb Art Studio!"

Robert Alvarez

"James from Orb Art Studio is an all-round artistic superstar… from environments to characters, he can do it all and do it VERY well. James can literally draw anything while paying great attention to every ounce of detail. The human or non-human form has never looked better than through the lens of this amazing and seriously talented creator. A true professional who delivers time and time again. "

James Murray

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Choose Excellence with
Orb Art Studio

Our team delivers exceptional, out-of-the-box Animation & Advertising Art designs that surpass typical outsourcing studios. We are not just a service provider but a passionate partner, fully invested in your project's success. Our artists, with decades of international experience, provide invaluable insights and top-tier artwork, ensuring each project not only meets but exceeds expectations. Trust in our professional approach and our commitment to deliver as promised, making us the ideal choice for superior custom art production.

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