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5 Tips for Turning Your Love of Video Games Into a Career

If you love playing video games, then you are not alone. According to statistics, there are over three billion gamers around the world, but what everyone may not realise is that you can turn your love of gaming into a career. With some planning and a few skills, you can become a true success. Here at Orb Art Studio, we have turned a love of video games into a career making art for games.

Tips for Turning Your Love of Video Games Into a Career

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Here are 5 top tips for how you can turn your passion into a full-time career.


1.Make a Home Space to Thrive In

home work space for professional gamers

If you’re interested in working in gaming, you’re going to spend a lot of time working on a computer. It’s in your best interest to create an environment at home where you can unplug and relax in a stress-free environment. Even if you work at home, add some indoor plants around your house, and make sure there’s plenty of sunlight. You may also want to create a space without electronics where you can meditate to clear your mind. This will help you remain productive instead of getting burned out.


2. Start a YouTube Channel

Youtube channel tips for gamers

There are many ways that you can turn a love of gaming into a career, and the one that many people think of first is creating a YouTube channel. While it will take a lot of work upfront, once you have 1,000 subscribers and a consistent volume of views, you can then monetize your channel and make a good living.

You can do many things, from reviewing games to hosting play-throughs, and the best part is that you will have fun while you work.


In order to get those subscribers, you will need to advertise and market your channel. That may mean going to conventions or handing out business cards. Another way is to make an attention-grabbing banner that people will see when they come to their channel.

For instance, if you love playing Minecraft, then you can create a Minecraft-themed banner with fonts from the game. Making a banner is easy by going online and finding an online banner maker. These are great tools because you can use pre-made templates and add your own font, wording, and pictures. When you’re done, just download and you are set to go.


3. Design Video Games

Design Video Games Career

If you are a bit camera shy but you have an analytical mind and a lot of patience, then you could also try designing your own video game.

As a designer, you will need to create an engaging concept, create the graphics, make a cohesive game and then test it out. If you are new to the idea then you may want to bring in some experts who can help out, such as a programmer and graphic designer. It won’t happen overnight but you could be the creator of the next big game.


4. Create a Gaming Business

Gaming Business as career

Once you decide on the type of business you want to start, you will need to think about how you want to set up your company and make it official. If you’ve never started a business before, there’s a lot to it. Fortunately, there is plenty of useful information and resources available online to help you when starting out.


5. How to Get Your Foot Through the Door

gaming courses

If you know that you really want to work in video games but you don’t know where to start, then you do have some options. One idea is to go back to school and get a degree in business management or graphic design so you can learn the ins and outs of the industry. Another idea is to find a video game company and apply for an internship. You may not get paid upfront, but this is a good way to get your foot in the door, and after you learn the basics and prove yourself, then you may be hired to a full-time position.

Final thoughts


As you can see, it is very possible to turn your love of video games into a fulfilling career. With passion, proper planning, and patience, you can make money by playing video games

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