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10 ways to promote NFT art – Market like a Pro

While everyone in the art industry is aware that once termed a ‘fad’, the NFT market is here to stay. While we think, if your art is unique, it should sell itself in the NFT market but sometimes that’s not the case. Therefore, here are the top 10 ways to promote NFT art.

1. Social Media Marketing

Image credits: Medium

Social channels like Twitter, Instagram, Discord, Medium are great platforms to promote your NFT art. Creating a buzz online through socials before release is a must. An important way to reach a wider audience and get the much-needed attention on these platforms is to post a variety of content. This can be telling what tools you used to create the pieces, the main idea behind the collection, your failures if there were any, etc. Moreover, there are people who are new to NFT art and so posts explaining what NFT is can be a great way to attract audiences.

2. Attractive teaser of your NFT art

Image credits: NFT Calendar

A teaser is a great way to create some interest among your target audiences showcasing snippets of your unreleased NFT artwork. A teaser arouses the interest of potential collectors, makes them stay tuned for more details, and not miss the date of the release. The best way to distribute the teaser is to post it on your social media channels and ask the marketplace to publish it.

3. Paid placements on the marketplace

Image source: Medium

A paid way to reach a really large audience is to directly discuss with your marketplace for a paid promotion campaign. Almost all NFT marketplaces have paid promotion campaign options. Depending on the target audience and your budget, a great paid campaign can get 10 times the revenue back. KnownOrigin, for example, creates such a page every week with 4-5 featured drops and a countdown to the release. MakersPlace also creates a page with the description of the drop, images or teaser, and countdown. Nifty Gateway posts a schedule for the upcoming week on the website and Twitter

4. A thread on Reddit/Bitcointalk

Image credits: Reddit

Reddit, Quora, and Bitcointalk are very helpful when you want to spread the word about your NFT Collection. Start by asking an interesting question related to your NFT and then continue with answers and links to your work. It might sound staged but once done well can give amazing results. It is called crowd-marketing and is actively used in advertising. You can also get involved in other discussions if you really have what to write. The more often your name appears across various channels, the sooner people will remember it.

5. Newsletter placements

Image credits: Coinbound

Most marketplaces and crypto platforms actively send newsletters to their pool of subscribers, these platforms would generally accept submissions from NFT art creators like you to mention your art in their newsletters. One important way to get this feature is to be creative in your submission.

6. Collaborate with Influencers

Image credits: Airnfts

When it comes to increasing awareness, collaborations with influencers are the first type of marketing that pops up in mind. Most influencers have a loyal community who entrusts their recommendations and listens to their opinions. It’s most likely that an influencer will ask you for payment in crypto, other currency, or reward in the form of a piece of NFT art.

You can use influencer marketing in case you do not have prominent artists among your acquaintances who can promote your NFT drop for free.

7. Publish an article about the NFT collection

It’s a good idea to write an article about your NFT Collection and distribute it through the most popular themed media. Other paid ways could be to give paid interviews with magazines or related media houses.

8. Ask your friends and colleagues to create awareness

Another way to freely create awareness about your latest NFT collection is to ask your friends and colleagues from art backgrounds to share and repost your NFT collection.

9. Discord Forum Marketing

Discord is a social platform designed to allow users to create chat rooms for different purposes. It is known as the Slack for gamers and now also for crypto artists. It not only allows chatting but also offers more professional features such as sharing and storing material and documents. Crypto galleries usually have their own chat rooms that you can join to share your work.

10. Use hashtags correctly

In a universe with millions of conversations and images occurring at the same time, the best way to build circles is to follow the right hashtags. This will increase your chances of becoming part of a scene and being seen by collectors and other artists.

The twelve most used hashtags are:

In summary, there are a lot of ways to promote your NFT artwork. Try different types of promotion, choose those that work the best for you, and put them into practice. May as many people as possible hear about your NFT collections and the results always exceed your expectations!

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