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5 Reasons Why You Should not Design Your Logo

There are hundred of free logo building tools available but these are 5 important reasons you should not design your own logo.

Your logo is important to your business because it reflects the brand personality, ownership, quality and, values. Generally imprinted on websites, visiting cards, business listings, social media, your logo is almost everywhere. Most importantly, it is present in the minds of your customers. It might also be the first touchpoint with prospective customers and leave the first impression!

It takes only 1/10th of a second for a person to make the first impression – your logy is critical if you want to have a positive one. Would you want to risk this by randomly making a logo? While brands change logo’ occasionally – they are minor tweaks rather than a complete transformation. Thus, get it right the first time.

professional logo design

Reasons why shouldn't design your Logo on your own

1. More than a good design - Brand Personality

A logo is more than an image – it is the symbolic reflection of your brand personality. Is your brand fun & creative or serious and expert in its category? Whatever the case may be, the logo should talk for itself. This may be in terms of the design, the color palette font style, imagery & elements used.

Thus, a lot goes into making a logo – from considering all of these points that affect everything else (website, social media feed, etc) to represent the entire brand. Designers consider brand personality as a critical factor while designing logos. They understand the psychology of colors and imagery.

Check out a few examples of brand logos and their personalities

brand logos and their personalities

2. Business category, values, and USP – Suggestive

Every business logo should suggest in some form which category does the business belongs to. Moreover, effective logo generally indirectly display their unique selling point. Therefore, the competitive advantage is communicated from the first touchpoint! Moreover, business values like supporting environment, integrity, efficiency, etc should also be considered while designing your logo.

This factor is addressed by a professional designer as they would generally understand your business first.

3. Similar logo – confusion?

Imagine you spent hours on a DIY logo building software and just when you were to finalize the design, you realized your competitor used the same software and the logo is merely a different version. Or worse, you published your logo and realized it after months! All of this would just lead to confusion in the minds of people. This would adversely affect your brand popularity and sales in the long run.

A designer would do their initial research to check out the logos of competitors to avoid this. Moreover, designers generally use their unique approach to designing a logo. We can help you with this! Contact us.

Would you believe these big brands had their logos similar to other brands?

big brands had their logos similar to other brands?

4. Revision, Revision, Revision

The last thing you want to do is frequently revise your logo. This not only creates confusion in the minds of the customer but also affects production efficiency. This is because the logo must be revised on packaging, website, social media channels, listings among hundred other places.

Instead of spending time and resources on revising the logos, spend some money by hiring a professional designer and get it right for the first time.

5. Futuristic – timeless

Logos should be timeless because you would want to use them for years to come. It can be easy to get caught into current trends or eve fads and make a logo design. Thus, the design should be such that would not be obsolete within a short period. Professional Designers know the visual trends and can estimate the future ones.

Avoid all of these cons of designing your own logo and instead talk to us about your new logo. We are an international team of artists from all around the world with extensive experience in designing high-quality logos. We are confident our logo would not only impress you but your target audiences as well.

We promise to deliver a logo that:

  • Has a distinctive and unique design

  • Of the right shape, size, color, typography, and color palette

  • Simple yet Memorable

  • Timeless and futuristic

  • Reflect your brand personality

  • Relevant to your business values and category

  • An Amazing design that will impress your audiences

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