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The Best Courses On Digital Art For Beginners

Digital art is the all-new medium to create exceptional artwork useful for a myriad of purposes including entertainment & education. Whether one wants to create a digital painting, animation, GIF, or marketing document, digital art has the tools and techniques for virtually all possible things.

While self-learning is the prime way to develop one’s art skills, doing a professional course gives a much-needed head start.

Here’s a list of online courses to get a start or polish your digital art skills:

This course is a must-do for all beginners especially because of the in-depth lessons that cover all the basics. The coursework is comprehensive which will give you a solid understanding of all things included in digital art. Some of these include line art, basics of digital art software like Adobe, basic human figure drawing, simple shape drawing among others.

Includes 7 hours on-demand video, four articles, full lifetime access, 80 downloadable resources, access on TV, mobile, assignments, and a certificate upon completion.

Best for: Beginners

Check it out here.

One of the most popular art schools across the globe has one of the best digital art courses. The course is taught by top-notch artists with an option to interact with these artists. Rather than the more traditional online school structure that typically settles around pre-recorded instructional lessons, this online school offers the lessons live via GoToMeeting.

Includes: fourteen sessions for three months

Best for: beginners and advanced learners

Check out some of their spring 2022 courses here.

SkillShare: Character Painting - Design and Render Like a Pro

Digital painting is one of the most popular digital art these days. This course by skillshare covers everything to teach you how to paint exceptionally well on various software’s. If you are particularly interested in character designing and painting, this course is perfect for you. It is highly detailed to help you master digital painting.

Includes: professional level techniques and tricks that will demystify the entire process of creating character art with Adobe Photoshop

Best for character art learners

Check out the details here.

Another comprehensive digital painting course that covers digital art techniques, drawing fundamentals, color theory, photo-realistic painting, how to enhance concept art and perspective. After the course completion, you will be able to create advanced art that will stand up as a professional job providing you with all vital skills needed to advance in the world of digital painting.

Includes 18 sections of the course covering the fundamentals of drawing and digital painting.

Best for: Beginner to advanced learners

Check it out here.

For career-oriented artists rather than just hobbyists, the Digital Painting Studio has a monthly subscription to learn various digital art skills. The online training will equip you with absolute basics, all the way to a professional level, including tips on how to develop your portfolio to land jobs in the industry.

Includes: Character Design, Painting Environments, Painting Faces, Concept Art Architecture, Creature Painting, Art Fundamentals (In One Hour), Art Professional & Business Course

Best for career-oriented artists

Check out the different range of courses here.

Paintable features a Digital Painting Academy with structured video lessons that teach you how to go from absolute novice to pro, all working digitally. This works on a subscription model where one monthly fee grants you full access to their library of video courses. Over 150+ videos, dozens of exercise files, and monthly live workshops offer plenty to do each month.

There are endless video courses options online that guarantee to make you an accomplished artist. However, after careful evaluation, we have shortlisted the above-listed courses at your disposal. Let us know your thoughts on the above-featured courses or if you think we have missed out on a worthwhile course.

Check out their digital painting courses here.

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