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Top 10 Free Marketing Strategies to Promote Games with Guaranteed Success

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Here are the top 10 tried and tested marketing strategies used to promote games with guaranteed success. This extensive blog will outline the top 10 marketing strategies that you can use to market your game to make it a big hit! So, let's get started!

1. Social Media

Gaming social media marketing

With millions of users looking for the right type of content, social media should be the first place to start the promotion of your game. The best thing about social media is that people are looking for entertaining content which why most people play games as well – entertain themselves.

Which social media channels to use and why?

Instagram to attract Gamers

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media channels. Known for posting pictures in the past, Instagram is being currently used for posting videos and participating in trends. The promotion of your game should revolve around positioning your game around the new trends. The pictures and reels (short videos) should be entertaining rather than selling your game. This could mean highlighting the best characters of your game to short videos of the game itself.

Facebook to legitimize and provide information about your game

One of the most important steps is to create Business Listing on Facebook and filling complete information about the game including a short description, logo, etc. The Facebook posts should be focused on spearing information about the game interestingly. This includes links to download the game. Another best practice to quickly get results is to join relevant communities. In our case, gamers communities & groups. After joining these, share your Facebook posts in the groups to get traffic and downloads.

Other social media channels to market your game include Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, Youtube.

Check out our social media channels for some inspiration here.

2. Submit Editorials for free publicity

Submit Editorials for free game publicity

Almost all publishing channels – from news sites to magazines accept editorial articles. These are reviewed and published. This method can get your game instant downloads if done right.

So, how to do this right?

- The article should be interesting rather than selling your game

- Write an article of at least 723 words

- Submit high-quality pictures along with the article

- Mention for free publishing

- Write your complete contact information

- Follow-up at least 3 times after sending the articles

3. Join Gaming communities and publish about your game

Join Gaming communities and publish about your game

There are more than a thousand gaming communities with millions of gamers. The best way to reach your target audience is to join these communities and post about your game. The best way to get attention is to start an interesting conversation around your game rather than just posting information.

4. Content marketing

Game Content marketing

Content marketing is one of the best ways to generate organic results. If you already have a website, start writing interesting blogs related to your game. Make sure to post about these blogs and their links on your social media channels to get readers.

Some SEO rules for ranking higher in google:

- Write at least 723 words

- Include pictures and write alt texts

- Have meta title, descriptions for the page

- Write original content and do not copy-paste content

5. Newsletter marketing

Newsletter marketing to promote games

Whether it is your existing subscribers, or you acquire marketing lists from an outside agency, sending out newsletters about your game will attract people! Ensure the newsletter is very attractive and has enough call-to-action to land the user on the download page. However, be mindful as to specific country rules about sending promotional letters.

6. App Store Optimisation

App Store Optimisation for games

Google Play Store or App store are the highest traffic generating platforms for your game. Therefore, app store optimization is highly valuable. This includes carefully and filling your game page on these platforms including the game's description. Here the best method is to use keywords used by top competitor’s games and using those at least 3 times. Also includes screenshots of your games on the play store page.

Apart from that, you need to collect as many reviews and ratings as possible by using any of the above channels (social media, communities, newsletters) to boost your ranking. These factors will determine your ranking when someone finds your game.

7. Icon Design

Game Icon Design

It takes less than 7 seconds for a person to have an impression of your game from its logo. Therefore, icon/ logo designing is very critical because this is the last reason you would want to lose a potential gamer.

Need help here? We have more professional artists who can help you. Reach out to us now.

8. Word-of-mouth & Referral Marketing

Word-of-mouth & Referral Marketing for games

Setting up a referral program for your game is critical to success. Gamers generally trust other gamers for recommendations. Therefore, word-of-mouth marketing is essential. Thus referral programs including giveaway free in-game purchases, free trials, etc for users who signup because of referral code or link can boost downloads.

9. Collect Game reviews

Game reviews

Game reviews on google listings, Facebook listings, and app store/ play store listing will help your game organically attract gamers. Therefore, giving an incentive like free features, extended trial period, merchandising can help boost your reviews.

10. Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Influencers have a massive impact on the way millions think and behave. Social media influencers have loyal fan following who trust what they say. Therefore, approaching relevant social media influencers and giving them an incentive like free merchandise, premium packages, etc in exchange for promoting your game on their pages would be highly beneficial.

These top 10 marketing strategies have been tried and tested by one of the most successful game companies in the world. If done right and by following the suggestion above, they guarantee success.

Who are we?

We are a team of international artists with extensive experience in making awesome game art. Read more about our Game Art services here.

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